WORSHIP TOGETHER – Saturdays 5:00-6:30pm

You matter to us, and most importantly you matter to god!  Jesus’ invitation to come is for everyone, and so is ours. We’re not concerned about your style of clothing, the color of your skin, how many tattoos you do or don’t have, whether you are rich or poor, or if you’re 100% sure if God is real or not.  YOU ARE WELCOME.
What to expect?  Expect to receive the love and hope that can only come from Jesus.
What happens?  You’ll meet authentic and friendly people in a relaxed and comfortable setting. You’ll hear music and a message that points you to the only true eternal hope, Jesus Christ.
No pressure.  no worries.  No gimmicks.  no perfect people.  come as you are.  You matter to God.  you matter to us.
We look forward to seeing you this saturday!